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Audio Visual Hire for your event

Audio Hire London

Audibility is vital at every event. People need to hear what is happening and receive accurate information. Crackling speakers, microphones failing, poor quality sound systems do not result in a professional, high quality occasion.

This is where we can help. EMS Live is a highly reputable company, with many years of experience providing equipment and services for the live event industry. We offer unparalleled service, superb equipment and full consultancy as required. We serve all business sectors from business meetings to festivals, concerts and exhibitions and are preferred suppliers at many top venues and historic buildings.

We provide all types of audio equipment as we possess a very comprehensive offer including mixers, speakers, wireless hand help microphones, table microphones, lapel microphones, digital and analogue speakers, induction loops and PA systems. Our PA systems can be controlled from one or several points, allowing you to communicate with 50 to 5,000 people thus ensuring that messages always reach the right audience.

Hiring audio equipment for events enables you to have inexpensive access to the latest, top quality equipment. We only provide top brands such as Sennheiser and Behringer, ensuring that the audio quality is of the highest possible standard.

Whenever you hire equipment from us, we always ensure that you are fully trained in its use. If you prefer, we can provide the technicians to install, operate and maintain the equipment throughout the event, before removing it at the end. All of our engineers are highly trained, and experts in their field. We ensure that they are kept constantly up to date with the latest technology and trends within the communications industry so that they can provide you with expert assistance.

Whatever your audio requirement we can provide the products, and the audio expertise you need to make your event a success. All of our audio equipment can be used in a wide variety of locations both indoor and outdoor.

As a major supplier of audio equipment we can guarantee that we will have the products that you require. We can create bespoke packages to meet your needs – all you need to do is contact us!

We are ready to discuss your project and find out how we can help you. Talk to us now for an immediate quotation and we can supply products instantly if necessary. As an extremely reliable, innovative business, we want to make your event a success.

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PA system hire London
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Amplifier hire London
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Microphone hire London
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Audio recorder hire London
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DJ equipment hire London
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Audio mixer hire London
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Visual Hire

Visual content affects every aspect of your event. It may be a matter of passing on information via plasma screens, providing power point presentations, light shows, mood lighting, filmed animations or video conferencing. Get it wrong and your event immediately suffers.

Having fully working equipment is absolutely crucial. There is nothing worse than setting up a video conferencing event and finding that the communication links are inefficient, or that cabling breaks in the middle of a presentation. There may not be enough power being generated to cope with the amount of equipment, or switching systems do not work seamlessly. There are countless potential hazards lying in wait for unwary organisers.

EMS Live can provide the help and assistance you need to make visual presentations a success. We have thousands of pieces of equipment within our stockrooms ready for immediate hire. These include laptops, camcorders, vision mixers, projectors, plasma screens, wall to wall screens, seamless switchers, fast fold screens and video conferencing equipment. Every item is fully maintained and checked before hiring. We always make sure that you are completely conversant with the operating instructions before sending the equipment out.

Whatever you want, we can provide it. We can hire individual items of equipment, provide audio visual engineers to install and operate it, or create bespoke packages to cover a wide range of services including graphics and set design. Whatever the timescale, we can help – even in emergencies! Our project managers are available on a 24/7 basis all year round.

Seeking help from our qualified staff can result in ideas to improve your visual presentation by combining equipment to give more complex solutions such as colour swathes or synchronizing music and visual content. With over 20 years experience in the event sector, we know how to make the maximum visual impact. Past events have included events such as the London Film Museum Bond in Motion showcase and Corona Energy’s Ready Steady Cook.

We are the preferred suppliers at many major conference centres, exhibition centres, historic buildings and hotels. As such, we already possess full specifications for provision of lighting and audio equipment within those sites.

Why not contact us now for an immediate quotation? If you are uncertain as to what type of equipment would be best for your function, we can provide advice. We are ready and waiting to help you and make sure that your visual presentation is picture perfect.

Laptop Hire
Laptop hire
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Camcorder hire
Video Conference Hire
Video conference hire
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Seamless switcher hire
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Fastfold screen hire
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Macbook hire
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Ipad hire
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Vision mixer hire
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Distribution amplifier hire
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Video wall hire
Lighting Hire

Atmospheric mood lighting, spotlights, flickering lights and swathes of colour can be immensely effective in creating memorable events. Visual images tend to stay in the memory much longer than words, which is why it is crucial to get the lighting effects perfect from the very start of an event.

Every type of event needs some form of lighting. Conferences and exhibitions can involve a wide range of lighting effects from individual display areas to massive rooms housing hundreds of people. Festivals, concerts and fashion shows may require complex synchronized lighting, while award ceremonies and product launches often involve a variety of lighting effects. Whatever the event, indoors or out, provision of lighting is no longer a simple matter of a few overhead or arc lights connected by cables. Lighting systems can be extremely powerful and require a lot of energy.

It is all too easy for event organisers to feel overwhelmed by the potential options especially when it comes to deciding on equipment. This is where EMS Live can help. We have thousands of items of audio visual equipment within our warehouses, all of which is ready for immediate use. Among the most popular items provided are battery powered lighting, cables, radio cue lights, uplighters, LED lights, wireless lighting and Gobo projectors.

Every piece of equipment is kept fully serviced and is checked before being sent out on hire. Full operating instructions are provided and we make sure that you are completely happy with the product before you leave our premises. If unexpected problems occur, our project managers are available to answer queries, advise and find solutions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you prefer someone to install, operate and take away the equipment afterwards, we can do that too. Our fully qualified Audio Visual engineers are available for hire.

EMS Live are preferred suppliers at countless top locations including hotels, historic buildings, conference centres and exhibition venues. We possess full specifications for such sites, enabling us to provide instant advice and recommendations without having to inspect the building first.

Whatever you require, we can provide it. We can hire individual pieces of equipment or provide a wide range of services including technical staff, event management and conference staging.

Our staff await your call. Talk to us now about your requirements for your next event and we will be happy to provide expert help.

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Follow spot hire
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LED moving head wash light
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Lighting desk hire
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Outdoor lighting hire
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Source four junior hire
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LED moving head spot light
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Moving head beam hire
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Moving head spotlight hire
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Tungston light hire
Wireless Uplighter Hire
Wireless uplighter Hire
Plasma Screen Hire

Whatever the event, we have the Plasma Screen to match.  We stock an extensive range of Plasma and LED screens in a variety of sizes ranging from 32” to 152”. Each monitor incorporates Unicol or Screenstalk floor stands.  The screens are lightweight, and easy to install anywhere, inside or out providing the highest quality presentation facilities.

The smooth surfaces of plasma screens enhance presentations of all types. Plasma screens can be set up easily in any location, be it at an exhibition, a conference hall, festival or in a boardroom.  Extra screens can be easily added into the package, to ensure that every member of the audience enjoys excellent visibility, despite any awkward corners, round or L shaped areas.

Plasma Screens offer excellent visibility, providing bright, clear cut images on every occasion.  High resolution screens and high contrast levels make plasma screens perfect for presenting films or videos. The wide range of screens available enables companies to ensure the widest possible coverage so that everyone is able to see a screen no matter where they happen to be standing.

We make certain that every Plasma screen provided by our company is fully maintained and serviced regularly.  As a company, we ensure that only top quality plasma screens that will provide high resolution and perfect images are provided for hire.

By using our audio visual hire service for plasma screens, you are guaranteed access to cutting edge technology provided by a reliable, well established business.

We will provide all advice, information and full training about the products, and help you choose the most suitable product for your requirements. In addition, our experienced Audio Visual technicians can be hired to install and operate the equipment throughout your event or presentation.

Contact us now for more details as to how we can help you. If you are uncertain as to the exact size of plasma screen, we can advise as well as suggesting methods of making them even more adaptable.  All of our plasma screens can be hired as solo items, or can form part of a comprehensive package of equipment relating to a wide range of Audio Visual products including staging, projection equipment, sound and lighting.  We can create bespoke audio visual packages to suit your specific requirements while satisfying all of your creative and technical requirements to ensure your event or presentation is totally successful.

Comfort monitor hire
Comfort monitor hire
LED screen hire
LED screen hire
plasma screen hire
Plasma screen hire
Superstalk screen stand hire
Superstalk screen stand hire
Unicol plasma stand hire
Unicol plasma stand hire
Projector Hire

Making the right choice of projector for your event is extremely important.  Choosing one which is not powerful enough or have the right capability could ruin your event.  No two projectors are the same and it takes skill and knowledge to provide the options – which is why we can help.

Our Audio Visual technicians are highly skilled, reliable and efficient.  They have the knowledge and expertise you need to make your product choice.

We provide a massive range of projectors that can be used for all types of events including promotional activity, business meetings, planning sessions, boardroom presentations, exhibitions and conferences.  Both rear and front projections are available.  Increasingly, rear projectors are being used by many organisers as they avoid problems with people walking across the front of the projector, thus causing their shadow to appear on the screen.  The distance from the screen to the projector can also make a difference to the quality of the projection, so seek our advice as to whether you need a projector to cope with long or short distances from the projector screen.

Our projectors are suitable for every type of setting including boardrooms, hotels, conferences, theatres, training rooms, and exhibitions.  Every projector is guaranteed to provide high quality images and maximum brightness, even for dark colours.

We only use high quality brands such as Panasonic and Optoma which utilise the latest technology, and are high specification IOS and Android compatible providing light capability between 3,200 lumens and 20,000 lumens. All are environmentally friendly and low energy with minimal cabling required.

Our Audio Visual technicians can also advise on the suitability of a projector to link with your proposed projector screen, together with the type of lighting needed to maximise the effect.

Additional equipment such as projector screens, microphones lighting and audio equipment can be provided. We also hire podiums and stage sets so can create a total bespoke package to suit your requirements.

We guarantee that all our equipment is fully serviced and maintained, and is completely checked and tested each time it is sent out for hire. All our projectors are provided with remote controls, cables and operation manuals, and we always provide full instructions on use before the projector leaves our premises. In an emergency, we are available by telephone on a 24/7 basis.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

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Conference projector hire
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Desktop projector hire
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Fastfold screen hire
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Projector lens hire
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